Since 1934, Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana has helped its customers secure their financial futures. First as a life insurance underwriter and now as a provider of Fixed Annuities, through good times and bad, Standard Life of Indiana has never failed to meet a financial obligation to its customers.

Standard Life of Indiana is built on a business model that stresses:

  • High customer value products
  • Highly responsive, personal-touch service
  • Efficient operations
  • High-quality portfolio of invested assets

What this means to our customers is that our Fixed Annuities are safe and will pay a competitive guaranteed rate of interest.

At Standard Life of Indiana, our first loyalty is to our customers. The products we offer are designed to be easy to understand and predictable in their performance. The service we provide is responsive and highly personal. We work to help ensure that our customers' retirement is as secure as can be. We take our customers' financial futures as seriously as they do.

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