The retirement savings and income products of Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana are designed to provide maximum value for our customers. Our Annuity products are distributed by a network of independent agents who believe, as we do, that the way to build a successful business is to provide value and service to customers and to deliver what is promised.

Each independent agent is licensed by the state in which he or she operates, and is contracted and appointed by Standard Life of Indiana. Each agent is expected to conform to detailed Field Conduct Guidelines written to ensure that our customers' best interests will be the primary concern in each and every sale.

In working with your agent, you should expect the following:

  • Assistance in identifying your specific short- and long-term financial goals. Standard Life of Indiana's suitability questionnaire is designed to aid in this process.
  • Confidentiality of all personal information shared with your agent.
  • Product recommendations which are aligned with your financial objectives.
  • Full disclosure of all information necessary for you to make a well informed decision.
  • Assistance in the completion of all necessary Standard Life of Indiana forms, such as application, suitability, transfer and replacement forms.
  • Before you sign an application, your agent will ask for valid identification. Checking I.D. is a basic protection for you against identity theft, money laundering and other criminal activities, and is a legal requirement in the financial services industry.
  • Prompt delivery of forms, checks and transfer paperwork to Standard Life of Indiana’s home office.
  • Applications requiring no additional information and with a check attached will be processed within 24 hours.
  • When the contract is received, your agent will schedule a meeting to deliver and review the contract, answer any questions you may have and ask you to sign the delivery receipt.

Please feel free to contact our office or your agent with questions or concerns.

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