Total Command Fixed Annuities are the most flexible wealth Accumulation Products Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana offers. They're designed for responsible, long-term savers who prefer to make decisions about their own money, and who understand the power of Tax Deferral.

Available in durations from 3 to 10 years, with longer periods that may be available by request, our Total Command Annuities let you tailor your annuity to your own specific needs. By allowing you to choose only the features you need, Total Command enables you to maximize your credited interest rate. Total Command Annuities pay interest rates consistently at or near the top of their categories because of their unique, capital efficient design.

Total Command Annuities are Single Premium Deferred Annuities. The interest rate is set at the time of issue and will not change for the chosen Guaranteed Period. Taxes on interest credited to the Annuity are deferred and aren't due until the funds are withdrawn.


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